Surface Preparation


We provide the best surface preparation because we know how important it is.

We remove all loose materials, create an adequate surface profile and open concrete pores to ensure the best possible surface.

High Quality Surface Preparation

We believe in providing you the best quality surface preparation to make your floors ready for further treatments so they can last longer.

Importance of Surface Preparation

The floor preparation is also important because if it has not been prepared carefully before adding epoxy, then the epoxy will not last.

Process of Surface Preparation

The process of preparing a floor for an epoxy coating is equally as important as the installation process.

We work on these important aspects while preparing a floor for coating:

  • Test for moisture, harmful chemicals, and oil deposits
  • Eliminate the old floor coatings
  • Repair the surface
  • Clean the floor
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Metallic Coating

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Metallic Coating

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One Color Coating

Why Surface Preparation Matters

Undoubtedly, a high-quality floor coating is an investment that can add durability, beauty, and longevity to your floors. Based on the type of coating you choose, it can last many years before needing to be reapplied.
Coatings work best when they are applied the way they are intended so that they can properly bond to the concrete beneath. If they are applied randomly or under the wrong circumstances, they may start to peel, blister, or otherwise fail within a few months. Therefore, it’s crucial that the surface of your concrete floor is thoroughly and correctly prepared by an industry leading professional before any coating is applied.