Metallic Epoxy

Our Metallic Epoxy Floor is a special next-generation attractive epoxy coating blend of metallic powder and clear high-solid epoxy resin to produce elegance and incredible visual effects.

Solid Color Epoxy

Our solid color epoxy coatings are elegant, easy to clean and durable. They come in lots of different colors –choose your favorite one!

Flake Epoxy

We provide the best quality Epoxy Flake floor that is suitable for high traffic areas such as garages, driveways and outside areas. This flooring is also suitable for warehouses, workshops, showrooms, bathrooms and safety areas in the commercial/industrial environment.

Polished Concrete

We offer Polished Concrete that is an economical way of giving flooring a smooth and improved look.

Self-Levelling Concrete

Our self-levelling concrete helps level, even out and flatten the installation surface area.

Polyurethane Concrete

We offer Polyurethane Concrete that is incredibly durable with the properties of plastic and synthetic resins.

Beautiful, Long Lasting, and Highly Durable Products


For durable and reliable products, contact us today!

Budget Friendly

We have a range of budget friendly products that are a perfect fit for any sized project.

Easy to Maintain

Our products are easy to clean and maintain so that you never have to worry about your flooring and can simply enjoy its brilliance.

Health and Safety

Our products are not only good-looking and long-lasting, but they’re also a safe and ecological choice.